Saturday, November 1, 2014

Welcome to Feeding The Temple

Peggy Ployhar - Founder of Feeding the Temple Ministries

Welcome to!  

Over the years I have been blessed to counsel many people in the areas of biblical living as a mentor, teacher, speaker, blogger, and ministry leader.  I absolutely love how God has gifted me to encourage and teach others, sharing truth to positively change people's lives and lead them closer to Him.  I guess you could say God has gifted me to teach and encourage, and I love sharing those gifts with anyone who has a heart willing to listen and grow in truth.   

But, that being said, for over 5 years I did not hold an official ministry position.  Instead God worked out a detour for our family that not only changed my ministry focus, but also our entire family's health.  Here is a brief summary of our story:

In early 2009 our family started a move from suburbia to hobby farm living while at the same time an anti-Candida diet in an attempt to cure our oldest son of his issues with Aspergers syndrome.  I will not lie, transitioning into hobby farm life was difficult, but we gladly settled in knowing God had called us there.  Additionally, we left our processed-food lifestyle behind at the beginning of our anti-Candida diet and very quickly learned to raise almost all of our own food and make everything we ate from scratch.

Me with my milking cow Siri

And, although we had only set out to cure our oldest son of this Asperger issues, and then live a more self-sufficient life on our farm, we did not expect everything else God was going to heal in our lives, including a dairy intolerance, sensory issues in our children, depression, and chronic seasonal issues.  Yes, God taught us a lot about Himself and how his creation was meant to heal our bodies, as well as how much our manipulated food products were deceiving us into poor health and ungodly living.

Well, our hobby farm detour came to an end this August as we felt led to move back to suburbia.  And, just as work on the farm started to cease, God started sending more and more people my way for counseling - but biblical counseling with a spin, they also wanted my advice on health and healing through nutrition.  What ministry would look like for me, as I sought to move forward in obedience, was yet unknown.  But, I decided to do the work God set before me each day and wait patiently for Him to reveal the rest in His time.

Thus, after much prayer, waiting, and watching I have felt the Lord's leading to be a person who will stand in the gap between the health, healthy living, and biblical living information being published and God's people who desire to live by truth and maintain their "temples" in the most godly manner possible.  You must understand I do not take this calling lightly, and thus I make sure to approach everything I post on this site with prayer and great discernment.

Each of the pages on this site have lists of resource links which I will update on a regular basis.  Also, if you would like real-time updates on these resources, you may also want to consider following me on Twitter at @PeggyPloyhar and/or following my Facebook group, Feeding The Temple.

Finally, I would also like to state that although the main part of my ministry will be online, I look forward to meeting many of you in person as I will continue to make myself available for counseling one-on-one, teaching in group settings, and lecturing to larger groups.  If you are interested in contacting me or hiring me for a speaking engagement, please visit my "Contact" page for contact information.   

I am excited to see where God is going to take this site and how He will be glorified as truth is revealed and lives are changed.

Working for His glory!
Peggy Ployhar