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Contact Information:

If you would like to contact Peggy Ployhar, please do via this email address.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

May 1 & 2, 2015 - South Dakota Home School Convention, Sioux Falls, SD

Current Talks:

Diet and Food Related Talks:
The Importance of the Gut to Your General Health
Hippocrates is quoted as having said "All disease begins in the gut",  and researchers are just beginning now to realize how true his statement is.  Armed with the latest research information in the field of alternative medicine and first hand success stories from within her own family and those families she has worked with, Peggy covers a wide range of information in this talk that will make you think twice about many factors you would have never guessed so adversely affect your health.  You will walk away from this talk not only knowing more about how your digestive system works, but also how it works in tandem with so many other facades of your life including diseases which are currently considered untreatable.  This talk is filled with practical advice, natural ways to reverse gut damage, and hope for healing and restoration for your body.  (3 hours)  
This talk can be broken down into three, 1 hours sessions:  
1)  The Essential Gut
2)  Toxins and Enzymes
3)  Gut Yeast Infections, Serotonin and Probiotics

Whole Foods for the Whole Family
You have heard these suggestions over and over again: eat healthy...avoid bad fats..and many more of the like. And, even though you desire to make healthy food choices for your family, no one seems to be able to tell you how, at least in practical terms. Well, help is here!  In this talk, Peggy shares her secrets about how you can change your family's eating habits and have a healthier family. This class will include cooking demonstrations, samples for tasting, recipes and meal planning ideas, information on how to start a whole-food buying club, details on how to find local farmers, and suggestions for starting a simple garden.

Cheese Talks:
The Science Behind Cheese Making 
 Have you ever wondered how so many types of cheese can be made from one simple product, milk? Whether your head is swimming with questions about cheese making or you've never thought twice about it, this talk will hold your interest and then some. Peggy Ployhar, a home cheese hobbyist and trained physicist, is ready to tackle all your questions and more as she dissects the cheese making process from a scientific and artistic point of view. Come and learn how to be a true cheese connoisseur, someone who doesn't just know the what and where about cheese but also the why and how. By the end of this presentation you will truly understand the hidden secrets held within the unpretentious nature of milk, while at the same time the subtle nuances captured by the art of cheese making, thus resulting in the delightful and decadent cheese varieties produced throughout the world.

Soft Cheese in an Hour
Through the application of multi-phase instruction, the one day process of making soft cheese is sped up for an interesting class covering the basic process behind cheese formation. This short hour of instruction will not only include a hands on lesson in basic cheese making principals, but will also include instruction regarding the simple deviations used by cheese makers to create a variety of different cheeses. Join Peggy Ployhar, a home cheese hobbyist, as she leads you easily through your first batch of homemade cheese. Who knows, you may take home a brand new hobby.

Christian Parenting Talks
Be Angry...And Train Your Kids
Parental anger and the character training process happen to be the two largest struggles of any parent, but rarely are the development of the two undertakings ever considered to be interrelated.  After many struggles with parenting anger, which stemmed from anger issues she carried with her from her upbringing, Peggy found herself seeking scriptural answers to her outbursts.  Peggy Ployhar, in this talked titled “Be Angry...And Train Your Kids”, shares what God has taught her about how the anger provoking instances that child training brings are tools meant to enrich the character training process. You will walk away from this talk comforted regarding any past struggles regarding parenting anger and equipped for the character training process yet ahead of you.

Faith Sharing with Your Children
We all desire for our children to have vibrant faith lives.  Getting your child to a point where he or she develops a unique and special relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is not a science, but yet the bible does provide many instructions to parents on how to share their own faith life to make this process a natural transition.  In this talk, Peggy Ployhar dissects some of these scriptures and then shares real life experiences on how to put those concepts into practice.  And, as Peggy can attest, these truths provide an abundant harvest to any parent who cultivates and plants with care into the hearts of their children.

Personal and Spiritual Growth Talks
Shedding Light On Depression:
Current studies show almost 10 percent of the American population are affected by depression each year and depression among children is increasing at a rate of 23% per year.  Peggy Ployhar knows first-hand how dark and limiting depression can be.  Additionally, Peggy holds certification from the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) which adds to her insight on this subject.  Peggy shares in this talk from the point of view of someone who has personally struggled with depression, as a parent of a child who struggled with depression, and as a Christian counselor who has helped many women walk through and eventually overcome their depression.  The talk "Shedding Light on Depression" biblically dissects the clinical reasoning behind depression and the current methods of treatment while revealing how Jesus, the true Light, can dispel even the most cavernous darkness.

Resting on Your Side of the Yoke
Consider this…In the United States we have entire industries claiming they can provide for you a state of true rest.  Yet, instead of delivering on their claims, the industry just grows bigger and broader each year claiming more and delivering less.  Why is rest so illusive?   In this talk, Peggy Ployhar will explore the most common deceptive strategies Satan uses to allure you away from where true rest can be found – Jesus Christ.  If you have been feeling less than rested lately, then the truth revealed in this talk will be just what your soul has been searching for.

The Impact of Influence
If you desire to make an impact with your faith, you need not look any further then where God has planted you.  In this talk, “The Impact of Influence”, Peggy Ployhar takes her audience step by step through the beginning of Ephesians 5, as she dissects the Word of God as it relates to living a life of influence in the ordinary, thus making every moment of life extraordinary.  You will leave this talk encouraged to make the most out of where God has planted you and inspired to stay strong in the places God has allowed you to make an impact for His kingdom.

Homeschooling Talks
Customizing Your Curriculum
As the former Special Needs Coordinator of MACHE (Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators), Peggy Ployhar speaks to one of the most frequently asked questions she would receive:   “What curriculum would be best to teach the unique needs of my child?”   Whether you have a child who has a specific diagnosis or one who just struggles in one area of school or another, Peggy addresses in this talk how to take the curriculum you already own or plan to use, adjust it to meet the specific needs of your child, and consequently dissolve the struggles you are currently seeing in homeschooling your unique child.

Teaching a Special Needs Child 101
In this talk, Peggy Ployhar, the former Special Needs Coordinator for MACHE (Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators), addresses the basic questions about how to approach homeschooling a child with special needs.  Whether you child has a diagnosis or just struggles to keep up with his/her school work, Peggy will share ideas and insight from the perspective of being a mother of multiple children with learning disabilities and a state-wide special needs representative.  You will leave this talk with the instruction you need to either start on the right foot or stay strong in your continuing endeavor to homeschool your child with unique needs in the homeschool classroom.

What About Me? 
Speaking to the needs of parents who have a child with special needs, this talk turns the tables and asks parents to consider their own special needs.  Speaking from the experience of being a parent and a foster parent of multiple special needs children, Peggy Ployhar has first-hand knowledge of the rigorous demands put on a parent who is raising and home schooling a child with special needs.  Woven with personal stories, biblical truth, and lots of encouragement, this talk is sure to not only equip these special parents with a greater understanding their needs but also with an arsenal of practical ideas on how they can go about getting those needs met.

For speaking fees please contact me via my email.  I do my best to work within your group's financial means and will consider each speaking request with diligent prayer.

Thank you for taking the time to see how I may speak God's light into your upcoming event!

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